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Dstv Triple View Installations

Extra View is an economical and convenient way of watching different channels on different decoders under one DStv subscription. So, instead of having multiple DStv subscriptions for each decoder, you can link the decoders under one DStv subscription. To put it in simple terms, let’s assume that we have family members who may want to watch different TV channels at the same time. This can cause family members to squabble over the remote control. So, extra view solves this problem by allowing each family member to watch a different channel. To add to that, you and your family can record different shows on separate decoders. When using Extra view, you can watch up to 3 live TV channels at the same time

What is the 2019 DStv extra view price?

In order to use extra view, you have to pay your regular DStv subscription plus a monthly access fee of R95 per month for each extra decoder in the setup.

How does extra view work?

Extra view works by linking two or three decoders under the same subscription. In fact, you can link one or two decoders (secondary decoders) to the main decoder (primary decoder).

Primary and Secondary Decoders

The primary decoder is the decoder with the main subscription. So, you can link secondary decoders to the primary decoder using a heartbeat or a smart LNB. So, all secondary decoders can watch TV programming on the primary decoder. This means that if your primary decoder has a premium DStv subscription then the secondary decoders will be viewing DStv premium channels.